CUSIP Global Services

Glossary of Terms

ABA The American Bankers Association.
ANNA Association of National Numbering Agencies; see NNA.
CFI code Classification of Financial Instruments code; ISO standard. A 6-character code containing characteristics of a security.
CINS CUSIP International Numbering System. Identifier assigned by CUSIP to most non-North- American securities. CINS numbers have the same format as CUSIP numbers, except that CINS Issuer numbers begin with a letter rather than a number. Also see ISID.
CUSIP Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures. CUSIP is a Registered Trademark of The American Bankers Association. FactSet Research Systems Inc. operates The CUSIP Service Bureau for the ABA.
CUSIP Number The standard identifier for all securities in the CUSIP database. It consists of a 6-character Issuer number plus a 2-character Issue number plus a check digit. Also see CINS, PPN.
FHLMC Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or "Freddie Mac".
FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association, or "Fannie Mae".
GNMA Government National Mortgage Association, or "Ginnie Mae".
GICRS Global Identification Cross Reference Services provide extended Global Identifier information on international traded securities, including issuer and issue descriptions and other basic data information. The service provides cross-reference between CUSIP/CINS, ISIN and identifiers from all National Numbering Agents (NNA's) under ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agents).
ISIN International Securities Identification Number. The standard International identifier for all traded securities. An ISIN consists of a 2-character country-of-origin code, the 9-character security identifier assigned by the NNA for that country (including leading 0's if needed), and a check digit.
NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners; see PPN.
NNA National Numbering Agency. An organization responsible for assigning security identifiers and descriptions for a country or geographic area. CUSIP is the NNA for the United States; also acting as substitute NNA for over 20 other countries around the world. Also see ANNA.
PPN Private Placement Number. A special identifier assigned by CUSIP to privately-placed Insurance holdings. PPNs have the same format as CUSIP numbers, except that they contain a special character (@, # or *) in position 6, 7 or 8. CUSIP assigns PPNs and standard identifiers for these issues in cooperation with the NAIC.
TBA To Be Announced. CUSIP, in cooperation with MBSCC, assigns TBA CUSIP numbers and standard descriptions to TBA mortgage pools issued by FHLMC, FMAC and GNMA.